Welcome to our eStatements!

Want to know what the eStatements will look like? Click here to demo our eStatement!

eStatements are a safe, convenient way to make sure you keep track of your accounts.  Our eStatements are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once your eStatement becomes available you may print it out for your records or even save it to go green!

Want to enroll?  

Sign into your Online Banking:

• Select the “Accounts” Tab on the top right
• Select “Statements” on the left menu
• Agree to the enrollment
• Click the account number that you want to view!
• Once you enroll you will no longer receive paper statements. 

Keep in mind that once you enroll you may still receive one more paper statement.  It may take a full statement cycle to completely get all your accounts converted to eStatements.  If you ever need to close an account be sure to save that specific account eStatements somewhere safe.  They will no longer be available on the Online Banking System and you may be charged a fee if you need SLVFB to research the archived statements. 


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