eStatement Disclosure

Thank you for your interest in receiving your future account statements through San Luis Valley Federal Bank’s eStatement service. Please read the following carefully before requesting the eStatement Service. 

We are pleased to make this service available to you at no additional cost and will allow you to view your current and past statements on our secure website. You understand that your statements will include information concerning your Deposit Accounts with San Luis Valley Federal Bank, and may include disclosures required under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, the Truth-In-Savings Act and/or similar consumer disclosure laws. You agree to the receipt of these consumer disclosures in electronic format described herein. 

You must be an authorized signer on this account. San Luis Valley Federal Bank will send you an email on a monthly basis notifying you that your statement(s) is ready to be viewed. In order to send you notification of your current e-Statement, we must always have your current email address on file. If your e-mail address changes, please update this information through Online Banking by clicking on the User Options icon and selecting Change Email Address. It is your responsibility to access the statement. 

You may gain access to eStatements by signing on to:  https:www.// and clicking on the e-Statements icon. The preferred internet browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 4.04 or higher. You will also need a printer attached to the computer you are using if you would like to create a paper copy of your eStatement(s). By requesting to receive your statements electronically, you are telling San Luis Valley Federal Bank that you have printing capabilities. 

By submitting this request, you authorize San Luis Valley Federal Bank to discontinue sending statements via postal mail service and begin sending your statement information electronically. You understand that the statement information received from San Luis Valley Federal Bank will be encrypted and password protected for your security. If you wish to discontinue the electronic delivery and return to standard statement delivery, you may simply contact us by telephone, at (719) 589-6653, or by email, at

 Periodically, you may receive promotional information from San Luis Valley Federal Bank on our products and services.

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