Mobile Banking Enrollment



  • Before you can enroll in mobile banking, you must be registered for Online Banking.  If you need to enroll in Online Banking click here.
  • If you have the old Mobile Banking App installed, you will need to uninstall it from your device.


To Enroll in Mobile Banking:

  1. Login to your online banking.
  2. Select the Account Services tab on the top right of the screen
    1. 01-select-account-services
  3. Important: Mobile Banking will use the same account names as your Online Banking.  If each of your account names are showing your full account numbers it is strongly advised to change the account names to something other than your bank account number. To change the account nicknames select Account Management 
    1. 02-account-management
  4. Then select the account nickname
    1. 03-acount-management-select-account
  5. Then type in a new account nickname.  For example instead 123456789 – VIP change it to ****6789 – VIP. This will help protect your privacy.
    1. acount-mangement-renaming-account
  6. After changing all of your accounts, select the Request menu option on the left side of screen
    1. select-requests
  7. Select the Mobile Banking Enrollment link.
    1. mobile-banking-enrollment
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions then select continue
  9. Setup the Mobile Banking Services you wish to use then select continue when finished.
    1. mobile-banking-services
    2. Mobile Browser Banking
      • This feature allows your device to access the Mobile Browser Banking (which is separate from the Mobile Banking App).  This will be a website that any web enabled device can access.
    3. Text Banking
    4. Alert Banking
      • Receive important notices on account balances, personal information, and notices from SLVFB.
      • These Alerts will use your Online Banking Alerts. Finish setting up your Mobile Banking Enrollment and then Click here to learn how to set those up.
  10. Select your current timezone.
  11. Select each account you wish to enable the Mobile Banking Services on.  Select continue once finished.
    1. mobile-banking-services-account-selection
    2. On this page you may also give a nickname for each account. This is separate from the online banking account nicknames. This will be useful for the Text Banking Service.
  12. Enter your mobile phone number to register then hit continue.
  13. You will receive an activation code text message, enter the code from the text message into the activation code box then select activate.
  14. You should see the Activation Successful message.  You are now enrolled in Mobile Banking!
  15. When you sign onto the Mobile Banking App you will use the same username and password as Online Banking.
  16. If you haven’t already you may download the app from Google Play, iTunes Store, or Amazon Store.



    Download for your phone devices:



    Download for your tablet devices:



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